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We were introduced to the team from Wahl by our friends at BrandNexity. When we asked them about Facebook, we were told that “Social media doesn’t work for them”. I looked at Steve, who at the time was their VP of Marketing, and said; “Steve, there is no way a company that is over 100 years old with amazing products can’t sell their stuff online successfully through social media”.

The rest is history. He took our bet. We came on board, took their ads account and flipped it upside down and shook out all the garbage, reassembled the good stuff, and added a whole bunch of upgrades. Out came a revenue driving machine that was poised for success. Here’s how it all came together.

Project Focus : Facebook & Instagram Paid Media Marketing

Client : Wahl USA

Project Timeline : Ongoing



Our goal was to increase online sales through Facebook and Instagram, utilizing expert Paid Media strategies, while increasing the bottom line for Wahl USA.


Wahl was in an interesting situation. They had been running Paid Facebook Ads for over 4 years, but still were not seeing the results they had hoped for. They were losing hope that Facebook and Instagram would help them sell more products at all. Someone had to prove them wrong and change their mind and do it quick.

  • There was 4 years of past FB Ads Data with extremely dismal results.
  • Prove that Facebook and Instagram were valuable assets for the Wahl global brand.


In order to truly make sure all the pieces were correctly put together, we had to start with the basics. It was important to ensure everything was correctly working on the back end, just as much as the strategies being implemented on the front end. Here was our solution

  • Rebuild backend integrations and ensure all “plumbing” is correctly set up.
  • Utilize dozens of Lookalike and Custom Audiences to build a fully functioning four stage funnel.
  • Segment Audiences to more granular levels.
  • Test new creative on a continuing basis.




Increase of Total Website Purchases Month over Month.


Decrease in Cost Per Purchase.


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